Paper mache

Selection of various paper mache artworks. 

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The paper mache reliefs are made on canvas or wooden boards in different sizes. The papier mache is mixed with a certain percentage of gypsum powder (hardness) and pigment powder (ground-color). The paper mache is edited by hand and with painters knives in fineline structures. After approximately a 5 to 10 day drying process of the paper mache, the paper mache is painted with acrylic paint and pigment. The paper mache reliefs are manufactured in rest and silence and require patience in the drying process. There are no completely identical reliefs, because the paper mache always dries in different forms.   

The loose paper mache reliefs are taken off the canvas/board during the drying process with a painters knife. This relief, loose of the canvas/board, is now delivered to the natural drying process and continues drying in waving forms. During the final phase of the drying process, the loose paper mache relief is attached to the canvas/board with nails or several other ways. The paper mache relief and the canvas/board will form as one whole artwork.